Nathan Brad Hall



Nathan Brad Hall

To be present for every color choice and every stroke, this is where immortality lies. The intent of the mark on the surface—more than the image or final result—is the truest expression of that moment in time.



Woodman/Shimko Gallery
Select Works, Summer 2018
Provincetown / Mass


Faces Exhibition
May 25-June 24, 2018
Site:Brooklyn Gallery / Brooklyn

Wide Open 9 National Juried Show
May 12-June 17, 2018
BWAC Gallery / Brooklyn

Light Transcended
With photographer Brooke White
January 6-27, 2018
Cluster Gallery / Brooklyn

On the Ground
Nov 2-30, 2017
Cluster Gallery / Brooklyn

+ Art Group Show
July 24-30, 2017
Van DER PLAS Gallery / Manhattan


As artists, there are moments when the landscape shifts, and how we see the world—how we view ourselves—is fundamentally altered.

It can be the way the light falls over a face, or how an object appears to descend into shadows while emerging from the light. It is these unexpected moments that suddenly bring up emotion that can stir something deep within and stop us in our tracks. Sometimes it is memory, other times it is hope, and still often it is a feeling of melancholy.   

In my paintings, I strive to render these fleeting moments while collaborating with my subjects/models to not only translate how I see the world, but to capture their own unique perspective. Using both expressive and refined strokes combined with intricate color shifts and pairings, I explore the balance of energy and stillness that can make a composition come alive...


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