This past week was full of ups and downs. I was confused, elated, and full of doubt. I even sliced my finger on my palette knife.  All in all it has been exhausting and challenging as I really determine what it is I am trying to do and how best to do that. I find that it is very easy to slip down the rabbit hole and sink intoo old habits and beliefs, especially with regards to perfect, lifeless rendering. On the other hand, I had moments of clarity of how it can all come together and where my artistic voice is at its most potent.  But it has been rough all in all as I have gotten in my own way. Unfortunately, I am not all that happy with some of the work I did, but it has been a rapid learning curve of what is and isn't going to work, and the trouble I had will be worth it. I am actually on the other side. I know what I need to do and what my calling is. I am just worn out.  Luckily after today's session we leave for New Hampshire so I will have some time for it to soak in.