I was at an art show last night and had the thought that although we as artists may spend a lot of time alone in the studio under the banner of living for one's art, in truth, it's because of that art that everything in this world means more to me.  It is hard to explain to non-artists, as there is a feeling of having to give up so much time and other life pleasures to produce work, but it gives me so much to offer the world—beyond just the physical piece of art—that there is no sacrifice at all. As other distractions and commitments have slid away recently and my time in the studio has increased, I have had a much clearer perspective on this. Which leads me to my actual painting.

I had an excellent week getting two imprimatura's done; a relatively small commissioned piece, and the one I am most excited about, a complicated nude with difficult light-source/shadows that will be the showcase for a new direction I am taking.  I choose to leave the more complicated highlight/shadows out so I could concentrate on the form (and not make it confusing since the shadows are so intricate).  I am satisfied with the results for both. I allowed the imprimatura to be just what it needed to be without getting in the way, and was done with both within just a few hours.  It has been an excellent break between layers on 'Husband,  but now that that painting is all dried, it is ready for the second layer.  If only I knew where to start.