I am forcing myself to write today. It is not because I've had nothing to say, but more the opposite. I've had way to much on my mind for my own good and have been leery of putting anything down into words. But I do have several studio days planned around the upcoming holiday were my only focus will be on Joe I, which is now officially named "Kingdom Come".  Perhaps that will help me sort out some of my jumbled thoughts, or at least be a reprieve. Between the election, state of the world, state of my husband, finances, and a shoulder injury which is gong to cause havoc on my early 2017, it is looking like one of those life phases where mental fortitude is going to be needed in spades. But in the end, it comes down to the art, and there is no doubt that all of this has brought an intensity that wasn't there before.  Now if only I can keep my head above water.