Nathan Brad Hall



Nathan Brad Hall

To be present for every color choice and  stroke, this is the challenge. The intent of the mark on the surface—more than the  final result—is where true expression lies.


Woodman/Shimko Gallery
Select Works, Summer 2018
Provincetown / Mass


8th Anniversary Figurative Exhibition
September 19-29, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, 20 6-9
Dacia Gallery / Manhattan


Faces Exhibition: May 25-June 24, 2018
Site:Brooklyn Gallery / Brooklyn

Wide Open 9: May 12-June 17, 2018
BWAC Gallery / Brooklyn

Light Transcended: January 6-27, 2018
With photographer Brooke White
Cluster Gallery / Brooklyn

On the Ground: Nov 2-30, 2017
Cluster Gallery / Brooklyn

+ Art Group Show: July 24-30, 2017
Van DER PLAS Gallery / Manhattan


My paintings aspire to offer subtle glimpses into the intensity, calm, and illumination of being human.

Using both expressive and refined strokes combined with intricate color shifts and pairings, I explore the balance of energy and stillness that can make the human figure come alive. This interplay of the illusion of color with the illusion of light, drives me as an artist to capture it with the fluidity of paint. When two strokes of varying hues and thickness create depth and shape, it moves me to continue to add to this illusion. 

The physical world and the physical paint, juxtaposed against the inner world we carry within us.


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